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Self-help Books & Personal Development

Self-help Books & Personal Development

Chosen to reflect a range of contemporary issues, our self-help books and personal development books cover topics including relationships and socialising, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and personal and intellectual growth.

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Explore The Science of Love and Betrayal with Robin Dunbar's witty guide to the psychology of romantic love.

Delve into the mystery of time perception to manage your time more effectively with Claudia Hammond's Time Warped.

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New Titles

Self-help & Practical

The Wisdom of Women

by Candida Baker

A celebration of the highs and lows of one woman's life through the experiences of many others.

AUD $29.99

The Universal Heart

by Stephanie Dowrick

Stephanie Dowrick shows how you can make lasting change from within to create positive and loving relationships with family, friends, children and col... more

AUD $26.99

What Your Mother Should've Told You and Nobody Else Will

by Natalie Reilly

From how to taste wine, to apologising like you mean it, this is a light-hearted collection of answers to 21st century dilemmas with advice on modern ... more

AUD $17.99

Time Warped

by Claudia Hammond

A fascinating and mind-bending journey through the science of time perception.

AUD $32.99

The Science of Love and Betrayal

by Robin Dunbar

A brilliant and sparkling exploration of the extraordinary nature of romantic love - from the frontline of cutting-edge scientific research.

AUD $29.99

People Will Talk

by John Whitfield

What do psychopaths and expenses - fiddling MPs have in common? How can ebay save the economy? Why does a stranger influence your private life? The an... more

AUD $35.00

Introducing Psychology of Relationships

by John Karter

A Practical Guide to using psychological techniques to improve your relationships.

AUD $12.99

Introducing Self-Esteem

by David Bonham-Carter

An Introducing Practical Guide to improving your self esteem.

AUD $12.99