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Delve into Cooper Bartholomew is Dead, the psychological thriller by the best-selling author of Beautiful Malice.

Pandora Jones: Deception is the second book in the thrilling, action-pack Pandora Jones series.

Fans rejoice! Sacrifice, the final book in the incredible Elementals series is here! Four Elements, one family. Will they hold together, or be torn apart?

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Plague. Pandemic. Intuition. Secrets. Truth. Courage. Action. Survival. Watch the Pandora Jones: Admission trailer.

A moving novel about one child's life in the middle of the drug war in Mexico. Watch the trailer for Emilio: Through My Eyes.

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'Diving into the pages of We Were Liars is like entering another reality. It is beautiful, mysterious and tragic, and impossible to put down' Emma, 19

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Cooper Bartholomew is Dead

by Rebecca James

Why and how did Cooper Bartholomew die? Delve into the psychology of a group of friends and old enemies in this gripping novel from the author of Beautiful Malice and Sweet Damage.