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13 Bullets

by David Wellington

The hottest bad boys in contemporary fiction are cold-blooded vampires. (USA TODAY). This is the first book in the David Wellington vampire trilogy.;

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Paperback - B format

23 Hours

by David Wellington

Vampire hunter, Laura Caxton, has just 23 hours to make one last, desperate attempt at protecting the world from the ultimate evil.

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Paperback - B format

99 Coffins

by David Wellington

Thrilling entertainment for readers who like their horror raw and bloody.';(Publishers' Weekly). This book is the second part in David Wellington's va ... more

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Paperback - B format

A Bough in Hell

by Dymphna Cusack

A compassionate and perceptive story of a woman's effort to escape from the nightmare of alcohol addiction.

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Paperback - B format

A Curable Romantic

by Joseph Skibell

In this inventive and satiric tour de force, Joseph Skibell, award-winning author of A Blessing on the Moon, presents a picaresque novel of exile that ... more

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Hard Cover

A Dreadful Murder

by Minette Walters

Three victims, three unsolvable murders, and three killers walk free ... Minette Walters, crime writing's Queen of Mystery, imagines what happened and ... more

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Paperback - B format

A History of the Present Illness

by Louise Aronson

Funny, honest and compassionate - a portrait of health and illness like nothing you've read before.

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A Kindness Cup

by Thea Astley

The story of Taws, an Australian town about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But one man is not about to celebrate. Returning from 15 years exile, h ... more

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Paperback - B format

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar

by Suzanne Joinson

An extraordinary story of inheritance, belonging and the stories that bind us to our past, set in modern-day London and 1920s Kashgar.

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Paperback - Demy format

A Rival Creation

by Marika Cobbold

'Undoubtedly one of the funniest novels you'll read this summer' Daily Mail

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Paperback - B format