Actor's Guide to Auditions & Interviews

Margo Annett


Now in its third edition, this useful guide outlines the techniques needed to achieve success in the challenging process of getting work. It covers all aspects of casting, including gaining a place on a drama course, landing a part in film, TV, commercials or theatre, and becoming a radio or TV presenter.

Updated and revised throughout, the book contains sections on choosing and preparing an audition speech, staging and performing the piece, sight-reading, interview techniques, coping with nerves and even suggestions on how to use those inevitable periods when you are resting. It also includes advice from notable experienced producers, agents, directors and casting directors.

Margo Annett is an actress and consultant to Thelma Holt Productions Ltd. She has considerable experience in theatre, TV and film.

Price: AUD $29.95(NZ$36.99)
ISBN: 9780713668216
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: Arden/Methuen
Number of pages: 128
Publication Date: June 2004
Edition Number: 1