Acting on Impulse: The Stanislavski approach

John Gillett

A refreshing new look at the Stanislavski legacy, particularly Chekov, the role of the imagination and psycho-physical work.


An inspiring and technically thorough practical book for actors that sets down a systematic and coherent process for organic (from the 'inside-out'/experienced emotion) acting. The author offers a step-by-step, Stanislavski-based approach to text, role and performance to be used in everyday work and gathers together in one volume, the essential tools that serve to recreate human experience. A nuts-and-bolts practical guide with exercises for the actor to work through sequentially.

John Gillett builds on his experience of teaching at drama school level as well as 30 years of acting. For those acting students and professional actors who have become mystified and frustrated with trying to understand Stanislavski's approach, this book is an accessible guide to inspire a truly real and audience-captivating performance.

John Gillett trained in one of the first Stanislavski-based schools in London, the Actors Workshop. He has worked as an actor for thirty-four years and as an acting teacher and director for over twenty-five of those.

Price: AUD $55.00(NZ$69.99)
ISBN: 9780713677584
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: A&C Black
Number of pages: 320
Publication Date: February 2008
Edition Number: 1