A Little History of Dragons

Joyce Hargreaves

A short explanation of the wonderful world of dragons, both malevolent and benign.


Why are dragons recognised in almost all cultures on Earth? What is the mysterious geomantic gold they secretly guard? Could dragons be a folk memory of something which once hunted us?

In this beautiful little book, Joyce Hargreaves tells the story of these extraordinary animals through examples drawn from all over the world. Richly illustrated, and with detailed appendices of notable dragon sites around the United Kingdom, this is an essential and timeless book.

Joyce Hargreaves is the author of Fabulous Beasts and co-author of The Dragon Hunters' Handbook.

Price: AUD $17.99(NZ$22.99)
ISBN: 9780802718020
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Imprint: Walker Books
Number of pages: 64
Publication Date: February 2010
Edition Number: 1