Beauty in Bloom

Natalie Bloom

An exquisitely gift book, gorgeously designed and illustrated, on beauty and beautiful inspirations from Natalie Bloom, of Bloom Cosmetics.


Beauty in Bloom is an inspirational, eclectic and stylish compendium of all things beautiful from Natalie Bloom, the elegant founder of Bloom Cosmetics. From the love of makeup to inner beauty, nature to notebooks, from perfumes to Paris, Beauty in Bloom is about making us look beautiful, feel beautiful and above all be inspired by beauty.

Featuring striking illustrations by rising young illustrative star, Rebecca Wetzler, this is a quirky, personal and totally gorgeous little book.

Natalie Bloom is one of the most recognised Australian business success stories since starting Bloom Cosmetics when she was 22. Now Bloom is a multi-million dollar success story and one of the largest Australia-based cosmetics companies, exporting over 240 products to Asia, America, Europe, Canada and New Zealand

Price: AUD $24.95(NZ$29.99)
ISBN: 9781741755299
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Number of pages: 108
Publication Date: November 2008
Edition Number: