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Introducing Anthropology

Merryl Wyn-Davis

Everything you ever wanted to know about anthropology, from its origins and evolution, to the key concepts and the major figures, past and present.


Anthropology: A Graphic Guide is a fascinating account of an uncertain human science seeking to transcend its unsavoury history. It traces the evolution of anthropology from its genesis in Ancient Greece to its varied forms in contemporary times. Anthropology's key concepts and methods are explained, and we are presented with such big-name anthropologists as Franz Boas, Bronislaw Malinowski, E.E. Evans-Pritchard, Margaret Mead and Claude Levi-Strauss.

Merryl Wyn Davies, writer and anthropologist, is a former television producer who worked for BBC religious programmes for several years. She is the author of Knowing One Another: Shaping An Islamic Anthropology. Piero is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer whose work has twice been included in the Royal College of Art in London. He has illustrated many Graphic Guides.

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ISBN: 9781848311688
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Publisher: Icon Books
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Number of pages: 176
Publication Date: August 2010
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