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Adult Learner at Work

Robert Burns

A comprehensive guide to the context, psychology and methods of learning for the workplace completely revised on the basis of the changing needs of a new decade.


Knowledge is one of today's few meaningful resources. Equip yourself to ride the rollercoaster of racing change, globalism and technological super-innovation that is life and work in our age.

Completely revised and updated for the 2000s, The Adult Learner at Work, 2nd edition is for educators, trainers and managers who want to stay in touch with the latest thinking in their fields. Dr Robert Burns explains the important changes that have swept through the field of post-compulsory education and the worldwide swing to the lifelong learning as the gateway to a learning society. When work, education and life satisfaction can truly intermesh, sustainable prosperity becomes achievable. Robert Burns explores such questions as:

* What conditions have created lifelong learning, learning societies and learning organisations?

* How have government and business responded?

* What methods and processes enhance the learning potential of adults?

* How can we motivate adults to learn?

* What are the effects of advancing age on our ability to learn?

* Is competency training an effective tool for encouraging learning?

This new edition examines how and why we must facilitate the learning potential of all members of society. The Adult Learner at Work, 2nd edition provides an attractive vision of the development of learning environments in the workplace and the community setting-integrating skill learning and personal development using well founded principles of adult learning.

Robert Burns currently teaches in the Faculty of Education at the University of Brunei. He is the author of numerous successful books in the areas of psychology, adult learning, stress management, career guidance and business skills.

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ISBN: 9781865089898
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Number of pages: 384
Publication Date: September 2002
Edition Number: 2nd