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Greater Love

Lucy Wadham    
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Pages: 270
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Greater Love


Greater Love charts the course of one woman's journey to find love ... from Portugal to Paris and to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


Aisha has always shielded her twin brother Jose from their cruel childhood in an archaic Portuguese village. When she finally strikes out for Paris, she is torn between her instinct for self-preservation and guilt at having abandoned her beloved twin.

Employed as a nanny and studying at the Sorbonne, Aisha quickly settles into her glittering new life in Paris. But guilt soon prompts her to bring Jose to join her. However, their estrangement now complete, and Jose more vulnerable than ever, he soon meets a charismatic Muslim sheikh who brings him to a deadly form of englightenment.

Through Aisha's loss, despair and ensuing journey of self-discovery, Lucy Wadham explores the themes of love and redemption from both Muslim and Christian perspectives, inviting us to look at the things that unite us.

Lucy Wadham was born in London in 1964 and educated at Oxford. She works in Paris as a freelance journalist and is married with three children. Her first novel, Lost, was published in 2000 and short-listed for the Golden Dagger Award. She is also the author of Castro's Dream.

ISBN: 9780571234899
Australian Pub.: September 2007
Publisher: Faber
Imprint: Faber Fiction
Subject: Literary fiction
Edition Number: 1