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Creative Lettering

Experimental ideas for contemporary lettering

Margaret Morgan    
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96

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Creative Lettering


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An introduction to the creative and artistic use of lettering that will inspire you to go beyond traditional calligraphy.


This is a not-quite-conventional look at lettering for anyone of almost any age who has a passing interest in the creative use of letterforms. Whether you are young or older, a newcomer or an experienced calligrapher, a teacher or an artist from another discipline, this book will offer ideas and inspiration.

The idea is to move away from the more obviously pretty aspects of hobby calligraphy to experiments using principally capital letters as patterns, texture or explosions of colour to give a much more general artistic and creative appeal. Suggestions include the use of unusual materials and tools such as felt tip markers, oil crayons, wax candles, coloured pencils and colour washes.

Creative Lettering also emphasises the skill of careful observation to see what is actually there in terms of letter shapes, not what you think or assume the shapes to be, learning the rules and then knowing how to bend them to suit your purpose.

Margaret Morgan is an experienced professional calligrapher. She is an associate of the Calligraphy and Lettering Society and the author of three books, included Illuminated Letters (A + C Black).

ISBN: 9780713682472
Australian Pub.: December 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: A&C Black
Subject: Typography & lettering
Edition Number: 1