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Scotland's Future

Bill Jamieson    
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 224

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Scotland's Future


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Scotland has fallen into a deep post-devolution trough. Six years on, and despite sharply increased public expenditure, there is a groundswell of popular public resentment against the new political class.

Scotland is now in the grip of a political cabal so weighed down by its sprawling civil service and bureaucratic tangle that it labours like a chimera. All this is epitomised by the new parliament building in Edinburgh, which was so grossly over budget that it became the national scandal of the decade.

There are ten chapters in his book, each offers a different perspective on how Scotland can progress from here. So this is a book of many angles: politics, the arts, economics, social policy, planning, rural affairs and of course, a view from Westminster. Together, they offer a range of views as to what has gone wrong with devolution and, as important, what new policies are needed. This ensures the book is forward looking and positive in its setting out of alternative futures for Scotland.

Bill Jamieson is Executive Editor of The Scotsman Newspaper in Edinburgh.

ISBN: 9780826452726
Australian Pub.: April 2006
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: Continuum Academic
Subject: Politics
Edition Number: 1