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Dag Pike's Cruising Under Sail

Dag Pike    
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192

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Dag Pike's Cruising Under Sail


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A highly practical book, taking cruisers through all the steps from departure to arrival at their destination.


Many sailboat owners undertake cruises in their boats, travelling from one port to another, sometimes on a day trip and sometimes for a week or two. The aim of this book is to give novices the information to cruise safely and enjoyably, covering: the preparations before setting off; assessing the sea and weather conditions; briefing the crew; navigating; coping when things go wrong; operating the boat under different and sometimes challenging conditions and conforming with rules and regulations.

With advice, hints, tips and personal anecdotes, this is a very practical book - rather than being compartmentalized into sections on weather/navigation etc, it accompanies the cruiser from departure to their safe arrival at their destination, drawing out the practical lessons at each stage of the passage from the theory found in text books. The superb photography illustrates the text and will inspire sailors of all levels.

Dag Pike is a well-known ntical journalist and thor, spanning both sailing and motorboating, and with an international reach. He began his career as a merchant captain, went on to test RNLI lifeboats, and was the navigator aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Challenger when it succeeded in breaking the Atlantic speed record. He took part in his first ocean sailing race in 1948, and has sailed all over the world, from the British coast to New Zealand, America and the Mediterranean. He is the thor of several books and many articles for leading ntical magazines.

ISBN: 9781408181898
Australian Pub.: January 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: Adlard Coles Nautica
Subject: Boating
Edition Number: 1