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The Working Mother's Survival Guide

Melissa Doyle and Jo Scard    
Format: Paperback - C format
Pages: 336

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The Working Mother's Survival Guide


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A practical, realistic, down-to-earth and entertaining guide for all working women who want to have babies but keep their careers on track too.


We're all juggling and struggling and laughing and crying. And there's nothing wrong with admitting it. Forget trying to impress, let's just be honest.

The Working Mother's Survival Guide is a must-have resource for all new mothers who want or need to continue working after their baby is born. It's packed with essential information and advice on everything you need to know from pre-conception to returning to work to help you get through this amazing but challenging time.

From the mundane (How do you stop colleagues constantly touching your stomach? Are there any tricks to surviving 9 am meetings with morning sickness?), to the crucial (How early do you need to start looking for a day-care place? How can you prevent your pregnancy affecting your chances of promotion? How do you plan for your changing financial status?), to the absolutely essential (Can one woman wear the same pair of stretchy black pants to the office for six months without losing her dignity or her mind?), this book will answer all your questions.

Written by two working mums Sunrise presenter Melissa Doyle and communications consultant Jo Scard The Working Mother's Survival Guide features advice from experts such as lawyers, health care workers and inspiring working mums, plus how-to-do', what-to-have' and where-to-find' checklists. Loaded with resources and more than a few laughs, this book is packed full of useful information to help new mothers cope and even enjoy juggling the demands of motherhood and work, as well as finding a little me' time.

Melissa Doyle is co-presenter of Australia's highest-rating breakfast program, Sunrise. One of the most popular faces on television, Melissa is also the proud mother of Nicholas, 6 and Talia Grace, 3.

Jo Scard has over 15 years' experience in political communication, journalism, government relations and public affairs. A political consultant at global consultancy Gavin Anderson + Company, Jo also has two young children - Marlow, 5 and Frida, 2.

ISBN: 9781741750348
Australian Pub.: October 2007
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Subject: Self-help & Practical
Edition Number: