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A Field of Darkness

Cornelia Read    
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Format: Paperback - C format
Pages: 320
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A Field of Darkness


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This fresh, funny, fabulous debut crime novel by Cornelia Read has received rave reviews throughout the United States.


The girls' hair fanned out prettily along a bed of moss, as though carefully arranged. You could see the dark gashes in their throats, but the garlands were camouflaged - white against blonde, near black against brunette.

When fledgling journalist Madeline Dare stumbles on dog tags found at the site of an unsolved double murder, she's not sure she's the right person to write about it. After all, chatty puff-pieces like '1001 Ways with Chicken Wings' are more her speed than an investigative piece on the brutal murder of two young women years before.

But soon Maddie is obsessed by the 'Rose Girls' case - so called for the thorny garlands found on the dead women's heads. Eerily, the name on the dog tags is that of her favourite cousin, Lapthorne Townsend, golden boy of a still wealthy branch of Maddie's old money family.

Maddie believes the delightfully droll Lapthorne is innocent of the killings, and sets out on a quest to clear his name. Her investigation triggers a string of grisly new murders, the trail of blood leading right to Maddie's door . . .

Published to rave reviews in the US, A Field of Darkness is sure to delight crime readers with its spellbinding narrative, sparky heroine and fascinating plot.

'Read's sensational debut features spot-on descriptions, strong characterisation and a fascinating plot.' - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

'Every page is a pleasure in this mystery debut featuring Madeline Dare . . . ' - Booklist (starred review)

'With her hysterically funny dialogue and inspired views on life, Read is a delight to read. One hopes this is the first in a very prolific writing career.' - Library Journals (starred review)

'A spellbinding narrative voice . . . ' New York Times


Nominee: 2007 Edgar Allan Poe Awards in the Best First Novel By An American Author category.

Cornelia Read was born and raised in the US by divorced hippie-renegade parents. Her childhood mentors included Sufis, surfers, single moms, Black Panthers, Ansel Adams, draft dodgers, striking farmworkers, and Henry Miller's toughest ping-pong rival. She lives in California and is married to a lovely sane man who is gainfully employed. They have twin daughters.

ISBN: 9781741751574
Australian Pub.: February 2007
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Arena
Subject: Crime & Mystery
Edition Number: