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Screen Media

Analysing Film and Television

Jane Stadler Kelly McWilliam    
Format: Paperback - C format
Pages: 416
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Screen Media


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An introduction to film and television analysis for students that shows how to hone their powers of observation and provides the vocabulary they need to articulate what they see.


Screen Media offers screen enthusiasts the analytical and theoretical vocabulary required to articulate responses to film and television. The authors emphasise the importance of 'thinking on both sides of the screen'. They show how to develop the skills to understand and analyse how and why a screen text was shot, scored, and edited in a particular way, and then to consider what impact those production choices might have on the audience.

Stadler and McWilliam set production techniques and approaches to screen analysis in historical context. They demystify technological developments and explain the implications of increasing convergence of film and television technologies. They also discuss aesthetics, narrative, realism, genre, celebrity, cult media and global screen culture. Throughout they highlight the links between screen theory and creative practice.

With extensive international examples, Screen Media is an ideal introduction to critical engagement with film and television.

'Screen Media offers a systematic approach to film and television analysis. The examples chosen by the authors are both appropriate and timely, and are presented in a very lively and readable form that will appeal to an international readership.' - Rebecca L. Abbott, Professor of Film, Video + Interactive Media, Quinnipiac University, USA

JANE STADLER is Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland. She is author of Pulling Focus: Intersubjective Experience, Narrative Film and Ethics and co-author with Michael O'Shaughnessy of Media and Society. KELLY MCWILLIAM is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology. She is author of When Carrie Met Sally: Lesbian Romantic Comedies and co-editor with John Hartley of Story Circle: Digital Storytelling around the World.

ISBN: 9781741754483
Australian Pub.: January 2009
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Subject: Media studies
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