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Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens

The Way of Hen

Clea Danaan    
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 144

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Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens


Raising chickens is not only environmentally friendly, economical, and organic - it might also be the path to enlightenment.


Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens explores the entertaining, rewarding, and - yes - enlightening art of keeping chickens in an urban or suburban garden. Chickens slow us down and ground us. This book demonstrates how raising chickens can easily fit into a busy lifestyle, and why doing so helps keep us sane and focused on the simpler joys of life.

Clea Danaan lives in Colorado with her husband, two children, two cats, four sweet chickens and suburban organic garden. She is Reiki master with a background in massage therapy, Acutonics Sound Healing, somatic psychology, and Expressive Arts Therapy. She left her healing career to devote time to her children and writing career, and now has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University.

ISBN: 9781742375441
Australian Pub.: January 2011
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Crows Nest
Subject: Pets
Edition Number: