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Life Without Limits

How to live a ridiculously good life

Nick Vujicic    
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Life Without Limits


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The life story of the amazingly gutsy Nick Vujicic, who despite being born without arms or legs has an unbelievably infectious zest for life and now travels the world as highly successful motivational speaker.


Life Without Limits is the story of gutsy Nick Vujicic, an amazing 28-year-old Aussie born without arms or legs who is now an internationally successful inspirational speaker. Packed full of wisdom, testimonials of his faith and laugh-out-loud humour, Nick tells of life in his 'Chesty Bond' body, his visit to Africa at the age of 20 where he gave away $20,000 of his life savings to the poor, and raised another $20,000 for them on the side, and how he learned to surf, skateboard, dive and more.

Noting that 'perfection isn't always perfect' and that 'brokenness can be a good thing', Nick shows how he learned to accept what he could not control and focus instead on what he could. He encourages everyone to find their life's purpose and, whatever their obstacles, go for it. He's already appeared in an acclaimed short film doing his own stunts, and his zest for life is unbelievably infectious.


Winner, CALEB Prize for faith inspired writing, Reviewer's Choice, 2011

Nick Vujicic is an international and New York Times bestselling author, evangelist, motivational speaker, and the director of Life Without Limbs, an organisation that helps share the message of hope in Christ to the entire globe. Nick is an inspiration worldwide with crowds and the media for his positive attitude towards overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams. A longtime resident of Australia, he now lives in southern California with his wife, Kanae, and son, Kiyoshi.

ISBN: 9781742375625
Australian Pub.: March 2011
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Inspired Living
Subject: Autobiography
Edition Number:


Watch Nick's appearance on Channel 7's 'Sunrise' program: click here

Reader reviews

'With the knowledge that Nick Vujicic had been born without limbs, I was expecting Life Without Limits to be more of an autobiography, detailing his life, rather than the great book on philosophy which it turned out to be.

Life Without Limits embraces Nick’s faith in a loving God, which allowed him to accept his disability, as he overcame obstacles, and the courage to rise above self pity, on his journey of fulfilment in his calling to inspire others.

Nick describes the ups and downs of his adolescent years with honesty and depth. Writing of an episode in his life, he says, 'I was never crippled until I lost hope. Believe me the loss of hope is far worse than the loss of limbs.' And once again, further into his amazing journey he writes, 'Life without meaning has no hope. Life without hope has no faith.'

It is with his great faith and acceptance to the will of God that has enabled him to reach out and help others all over the world. Regardless of religious belief Life Without Limits is an inspiration to all.' - H. Cramer, NSW

'[Life Without Limits is] an inspiring and fascinating read.

If I was to recommend this book to anyone, it would be to teenagers or anyone who feels that life is not worth living, that it is all too hard, that they have been dealt a bum deal in life. Because, having read of Nick's struggle and his triumphs over adversity, it is pretty hard to sit there feeling sorry for yourself. He has boundless positivity and determination that shines through. I highly recommend looking him up on YouTube - listening to and seeing him is even more inspiring!' - B. Rossi

'If you've ever seen him, you can never forget him. I remember seeing Nick Vujicic for the first time around 4 years ago when he spoke at a youth convention that I'd accompanied my young teenage son to. When he came on the stage, or rather, when someone carried him onto the stage and plonked him down on a kind of raised platform, I remember thinking 'what the…?!' But, when he began to speak, I knew I was seeing someone very special and quite extraordinary.

To discover that he'd now written a book, amongst all his other accomplishments, didn't seem unusual at all, but to read what seems to be a cross between motivational book and autobiography was both revealing and challenging.

A young man, born without arms or legs; who contemplated suicide at around age 10 and who, understandably couldn't seem to fit in a school, has gone on with the love and support of his parents and the deep reality of his faith in God, to be one of the most inspirational motivational speakers anyone will ever be privileged to see or hear.

As I read, I couldn't help but consider my own feeble excuses for not making the very most out of the time I've been given (complete with a full compliment of limbs), and I was left wondering what my life would really be like if I lived it with the same positive and enthusiastic energy as Nick. Maybe 2011 is the year for me to find out. By the way, I think EVERYONE should read this book.' - D. Williams

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