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The Mothers' Group

Fiona Higgins    
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Pages: 320
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The Mothers' Group


An unthinkably shocking event sends shockwaves through a tight-knit mother's group, testing their bonds and revealing closely-held secrets that threaten to shatter their lives in an explosive, enthralling debut novel about motherhood, friendship and love.


'All those things no one ever tells you about motherhood. It's like secret mothers' business. Lots of my friends had babies before me, but not one of them ever told me it would be this hard...It's like a code of silence.'

The Mothers' Group tells the story of six very different women who agree to regularly meet soon after the births of their babies.

Set during the first crucial year of their babies' lives, The Mothers' Group tracks the women's individual journeys-and the group's collective one-as they navigate birth and motherhood as well as the shifting ground of their relationships with their partners.

Each woman strives in her own way to become the mother she wants to be, and finds herself becoming increasingly reliant on the friendship and support of the members of the mothers' group. Until one day an unthinkably shocking event changes everything, testing their bonds and revealing closely held secrets that threaten to shatter their lives.

The Mothers' Group is an unflinching and compelling portrait of the modern family in all its complexity and intensity: love, sex and marriage and all the joys and tensions of raising children in an increasingly complicated world. Moving, provocative, tender and utterly gripping, The Mothers' Group will draw you in and never let you go.

Fiona Higgins lives in Sydney and is a mother to three children under five. She has a career in philanthropy and social investment, helping high net worth individuals and families make strategic giving decisions for the benefit of the community. She lived in Indonesia for a year in 1997 after completing her university studies and became an Indonesian translator, before moving to rural Australia and getting married in 2005. She has been involved in the non-profit sector for 15 years, and currently serves on a number of boards including the Caledonia Foundation and the Royal Agricultural Society Foundation of NSW.

Her first book, Love in the Age of Drought, is a memoir about falling in love with a farmer, leaving Sydney and moving to rural Queensland. The Mothers' Group is her first novel.

ISBN: 9781742379869
Australian Pub.: April 2012
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Subject: Popular fiction
Edition Number:

Reader reviews

'While the title may elicit fear into those of us, who have experienced the tight knit mothers groups of old, please do not be afraid to pick this book up. The author manages to have you involved within the first few pages. Getting to know each character and how perfect or imperfect their lives really are will resonate with most mothers. The surprising part, is that you will more than likely have each character pegged completely wrong! Another pleasant surprise is getting a take on the lives of the men involved with this group of mothers and just how far that involvement really does go is intriguing and shocking.
'You will no doubt decide on a favourite 'mum' as did I, but you will eventually find that the other mums you mindfully discarded are just mums like you and I, with flaws, insecurities, yet with a different perspective to us.
'The Mothers Group is a brilliant read and will let you have a birds eye view of the great taboo - 'behind closed doors'...
'If this book is anything to go by then I very much look forward to Fiona Higgins future titles.' - D. Battams, QLD

'Fiona Higgins is an exceptional author, with incredible insight into first-time parenthood, who is capable of provoking a high level of emotion from her readers.  From the moment I began reading The Mothers' Group, I was captivated by the individual experiences of six very different women who all - after entering the realm of motherhood for the first time - form members of a relatively close-knit Mothers' Group. As well as being drawn in to each of their personal journeys, as these women come to terms with life as first-time mothers - and form a close bond with each other, as a result of the one thing they now have in common - I was devastated (moved to tears, even), when a tragic event occurs at their first official group celebration (a celebration which is intended for both the children, and the mothers), and felt personally affected by the impact this event has on each and every one of these women and their families.  

'As a mother (and a member of a close-knit mother's group) myself, I was able to relate well to most of the characters in this story, and felt the reading was confronting and invoked emotion. The Mothers' Group was an extremely enjoyable read, and I found the book difficult, at times, to put down.  I would highly recommend The Mothers' Group to those who have experienced, and to those who are yet to experience, parenthood; in particular, anyone who has ever formed a close bond with others, in their very own Mothers' Group.' - J. Czarny, VIC

'In The Mothers’ Group, debut novelist Fiona Higgins has delivered a vivid, compelling portrait of the fraught first year of parenthood as it is experienced by a group of six first-time mothers on Sydney’s northern beaches.

'... Higgins’ strength clearly lies in her ability to skilfully render believable, immediately recognisable characters who are battling to do the best they can to cope with some massive life changes.  For better or worse, most of us know some of these women and can identify with some of their struggles.  It is Higgins’ ability to shine a cold light on the challenges of new parenthood – for those with and without supportive partners and families, and to highlight the importance having supportive network groups to help traverse life’s path, that makes The Mothers’ Group worth the read.' - H. Lunney, NSW

'A joy to read, it shows us how new babies fill us all with joy and insecurities and how we all need someone there for us. 18 years on and my 'New Mothers Group' is as important to me now as it was then.

I connected with everyone one of those women, they were all diverse with different goals and expectations of life and family but once judgements were put aside they were there for each other and we journeyed with them.

I loved it and will certainly be passing it around my group to relive those first year memories... and every other stage we have gone through together.' - M. Pratt, SA

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