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Latin for Gardeners

Lorraine Harrison    
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 224
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Latin for Gardeners


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A beautifully designed guide to unravelling the mysteries of Latin for those with a horicultural bent.


Latin for Gardeners is an informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated unraveling of the mysteries of botanical Latin. Over 3000 Latin names are listed alphabetically, showing how botanical Latin can reveal where a plant originally comes from (and thus its preferred growing conditions), along with such properties as its shape, form, colour, taste and smell. Each name is clearly defined and accompanied by a pronunciation guide, and the pages are filled with attractive botanical illustrations.

Fascinating feature spreads retell the adventures of important plant hunters such as Sir Jospeh Banks and Alexander von Humboldt, and explain how their discoveries affect the way our gardens look today. Individual plants are also profiled throughout, showing how their names can illuminate their hidden histories.

Aided by this book, every gardener, and their garden, will benefit from uncovering the wealth of information that lies within the remarkable world of Latin binomials.

ISBN: 9781743312759
Australian Pub.: January 2012
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Crows Nest
Subject: Trees, wildflowers & plants
Edition Number: