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Grace Grows

Shelle Sumners    
Format: Paperback - C format
Pages: 336

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Grace Grows


'The first time I met Tyler Wilkie, I was dressed like a call girl. ... '

And so begins the slow unravelling of the organised, responsible life of textbook editor girl, Grace, when she meets the super-charming, irresponsible, dogwalking boy. It's when all the trouble starts...


A wonderfully upbeat and quirky romance in which a young textbook editor in New York, who takes herself a little too seriously, falls for a singer-songwriter who appears to take nothing at all seriously . . .

Like many young women, Grace Barnum's life is precariously balanced on sensible choices and uncomfortable compromise. She dutifully edits textbooks that she fears may be more harmful than helpful to kids. She is engaged to a patent attorney with whom she has a reliable relationship. She has a cautious relationship with her fascinating father, a renowned New York painter, and she prefers her mother slightly drunk as she's easier to handle that way.

Always organised, always a planner, Grace carries her life around in a handbag - that is, until the responsibility-challenged Tyler Wilkie shows up. Tyler of the warm eyes and a smile that makes Grace drop things. Worst of all, he writes tender, loving, devastating songs - about her. Tyler reaches something in Grace, something she needs, but can't admit to. Something she wants, but won't succumb to. Falling in love with him would ruin everything. And yet . . .

An enchanting story about learning to love and learning to let go.

Shelle Sumners has worked as a waitress, actress, copy editor, bookseller, and wedding chapel receptionist. Sometimes she only pretended to do these things while furtively scribbling notes for screenplays and novels. Sumners lives with her husband, Lee, and their daughter in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The soundtrack of Ty's songs for Grace is now available for listening Shelle's website: The soundtrack is also available on iTunes.

ISBN: 9781743313923
Australian Pub.: January 2013
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Subject: Popular fiction
Edition Number:

Grace & Ty's Playlist

We've pulled together this playlist of seventeen songs from the story for your enjoyment, maybe while reading an extract or the book! The songs and artists are mentioned throughout the story, and includes Grace’s favourites and ones that Ty covers.

Shelle Sumners has also created a Youtube Playlist here, and you can also listen to the Grace Grows original soundtrack on Shelle Sumners' website.