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Africa's Future: Darkness to Destiny

How the past is shaping Africa's economic evolution

Duncan Clarke    
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Africa's Future: Darkness to Destiny


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One of the world's leading strategists on global oil exploration puts forward a unique reformulation of Africa's economic past, present and future, revealing the continent's changing political landscape and likely trajectories.


Many have tried to explain Africa, but most have failed. What have they missed? The Dark Continent remains in continuous transition. Many of its communities are based around ancient or feudal structures, while others have modernised but experienced turbulent times. Modernity in Africa has largely been scattered and thinly-rooted, but it now needs to be dynamic in order to sustain and enhance development for the future.

In Africa's Future: Darkness to Destiny, renowned African oil expert and economist Duncan Clarke provides a prism for understanding the continent's complex history and important future in a clear and comprehensive fashion. He critiques past attempts to explain Africa's predicament, and tackles the issues confronting its future growth, from demography, poverty and inequality, to nation state flaws, institutional deficiencies and power struggles.

Duncan Clarke is a leading thinker and speaker on the world/Africa oil game, with forty years' economics practice and extensive experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. He is Chairman and CEO of Global Pacific + Partners, a leading advisory firm in Africa, and on world oil and gas.

ISBN: 9781846685699
Australian Pub.: March 2012
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Profile Business
Subject: Economics
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