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Future Proof

The Greatest Gadgets and Gizmos Ever Imagined

Nick Sagan, Andy Walker and Mark Frary    
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160

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Future Proof


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From prototype to realization, this book charts the real life technological revolution of fifty of the most popular science fiction inventions.


Detailing the history, the reality and the tech spec of 50 of science fiction's most brilliant crime-fighting, space-travelling, remote controlled, lightspeed, artificially intelligent inventions, Future Proof is required reading for anyone who knows their wormhole from their black holes.

Features: Buck Rogers' jetpack Jetsons' flying cars Star Trek's transporters The Six Million-Dollar Man's cyborg Sleeper's Orgasmatron 2001's artificial intelligence Lost in Space's remote controlled robots Vanilla Sky's Cryonics Star Wars' Warp Drives Back to the Future's time travel Total Recall's Terraforming Doctor Who's robot pets Galatic Patrol's Cybernetics A Fall of Moondust's space tourism Stargate's wormholes Brave New World's Hypnopedia

Nick Sagan is the son of astronomer Carl Sagan and the author of the bestselling SF novels Idlewild, Edenborn and Everfree. Mark Frary is a science journalist whose work has appeared in The Times and many other newspapers and magazines. Andy Walker currently hosts and produces a video podcast at

ISBN: 9781848310049
Australian Pub.: April 2009
Publisher: Icon Books
Imprint: Icon
Subject: Reference works
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