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When Your Partner Dies

Stories of women who have lost their husbands

Richard Stanton    
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Pages: 192
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When Your Partner Dies


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Moving accounts of how ten women have remade their lives after their husbands died.


How does it feel when your partner dies? How do you keep going, even when it all seems pointless? How can you cope with the emptiness that is still there even years afterwards?

Ten women talk about their experiences of losing their husbands, how they coped with grief, and how they have rebuilt their lives. One woman was left to run a farm with very little experience; another lost her husband when she was 30 and had young children to care for; another was widowed after years of coping with a poor relationship.

In a society which is scared to talk about death, we are usually ill-prepared to cope with the death of a partner. This book shows how a number of women have handled their husbands' deaths with courage, imagination and common sense.

When Your Partner Dies will comfort, help and inspire any woman who has lost her partner.

Richard Stanton is a journalist. He has been the editor of the North Shore Times, publisher with Verandah Press, Manager of Public Affairs for Orange Agricultural College and is currently teaching journalism at the University of Western Sydney.

ISBN: 9781864485103
Australian Pub.: February 1999
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Subject: Self-help & Practical
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