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Three Things About Daisy Blue

Three Things About Daisy Blue

Daisy Blue is not happy. She doesn't want to go to Bali. And she doesn't want to keep a diary of her trip. And she doesn't want to hang out with Paulina Gifford. She does want to be a size zero and famous.

Paulina Gifford is very studious. She is excited about the Bali trip and is keen to use her journal solely for recording her historical and cultural investigations. She thinks Daisy Blue is some kind of alien species.

But Bali surprises them both - and soon they are in danger of falling in 'like' with each other. Is it possible that the fashionista and the earnest nerd might find something in common...

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The Boy/Friend


Maude and Lou are best friends who live in the same street. She's a smart girl from a sensible family. He's a weirdo - a punk-rock musician. Despite being different, they've always hung out together. But when Lou asks Maude out on a date, all that changes.

A date with your best friend? How could that ever work?

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Thirteen Pearls


Edie Sparks has grand plans. She's building a boat to sail solo around the world, but she needs cash, and fast. So when her uncle offers her good money to work on his island pearl farm for six weeks she jumps at the chance. All she has to do is baby-sit her little cousin and help with the cooking and cleaning - how hard could it be?

But soon Edie is wrangling a monster-brat, struggling to find exciting new ways to cook fish, arguing with her uncle and being wooed by two handsome boys. The work is hard and thankless and an isolated island off the coast of Far North Queensland turns out to be not as idyllic as it sound - especially when she has no control over the powerful forces of nature.

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Dear Swoosie


India can see the future, and Poppy has a past. And when they discover old letters in the school attic it seems destiny has a plan for them. Who is the mysterious Swoosie? What does she have to do with Poppy's high-school sweetheart parents, and India's mum?

Meanwhile plans for the reunion of the class of '89 are underway, and there's a lot of bad hair going round. Does the past have the power to change the future and can the future heal the past? India and Poppy are about to find out.

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Fifteen Love


Take one girl - sweet and serious. Take one boy - sweaty and sporty. Add one beagle, an impetuous younger brother and a dash of misunderstanding. Stir well...

Mia thinks boys are immature. They only use one per cent of their brain. They only ever talk about cars and sport. They only ever think about sex. Will has no idea what girls talk about. He wishes he had a tape recorder and a hidden microphone. A hilarious, affectionate story about a boy and a girl, a viola and a tennis racquet; about family and friends, flirting and true love.

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A Letter from Luisa


Suddenly I had the perfect excuse to actually talk to Jet Lucas in person. All I had to do was rock up and say, 'Hi Jet, today is your lucky day because I'm going to be your sound engineer at the fete.' Simple, yes?

Luisa's running the Motherwell High Twilight Fete like a well-oiled machine, while keeping her father and little sister firmly under control and school bullies at arms-length. But she's trying to keep way too many balls in the air - and when they all come crashing down around her, Luisa becomes Loser. It can't all be her fault - can it? Perhaps if she can slow down enough to write her version of events, Luisa might be able to untangle where it all went wrong.

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Little Bird


Everything I know about love I learned in one short year. Somehow I'd coasted along all my life and then I fell in love twice, bam bam, just like that, and it left my heart spinning...

Ruby-lee is cynical about love; after all, she's watched her sister Shandra call off her wedding three times a week. But when Shandra volunteers her to babysit her friend's seven month old baby, Ruby-lee discovers just what love means. First she's overcome by powerful feelings for tiny Maisy, then she starts spending time with Maisy's dad, Spence. She even begins to imagine a future together, as a family. But where will Ruby-lee's fantasies lead? And what sort of trouble could they get her into? When it looks like Ruby-lee might lose everything, she has to discover what love truly is to find her own heart.

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What Supergirl did Next


Jade is a girl who knows what she wants. She knows how to get it too. But when a knee injury interrupts her plans, she feels lost and unsure. It's a bad time to get her annoyed. When a sexist remark gets her blood boiling, Jade thinks she's found something to fight for. If she sets up a race to prove that girls aren't soft, then maybe she'll also prove to herself that she can still find The Zone. But will her single-minded approach to proving her point win her the race, and the boy? Or will she learn that maybe - just maybe - winning isn't everything?

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Something More


Just remember, Isla, when you're searching for happiness, it knows all the best hiding places. (Gran McGonnigle)

Isla McBay is the only person in her family who isn't delighted that they've left grey, rainy Scotland for warm, sunny Australia. For starters, she can't swim - not great for pool parties. She misses her gran and her friends, her dad's insisting on giving her the most irritating driving lessons on earth, and she's constantly fighting with her younger sister, Terry, who's more adventurous than Isla and always does everything first. At least there's photography, but even her class with dreamy Sam Doyle and annoying yet intriguing Jack Ferris can't cure Isla's homesickness...

Then Terry comes to Isla with a serious problem, jolting her into the here-and-now and forcing Isla to make a choice: will she stop living a miserable half-life in her new country and be the better sister Terry needs her to be - or will she close her eyes to what's really important?

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Big Sky


I drifted off, worn out from the long day. From the swag close to mine there was a soft, male sigh. My eyes fluttered open. Dan. Then I crashed.

When her dad breaks his leg, Skye has to lead the muster on her family's cattle station in the Kimberley. It's a tough job, especially with a team of novices - except for Dan, a young jackaroo. Skye is a seasoned cattle wrangler, but in this beautiful yet harsh country, jealousy, hot-tempers and inexperience may cost her more than she could have imagined. It will certainly be a cattle muster Skye will never forget...

A compelling tale of courage, crocodiles, campfires, silent tears and stolen kisses that unfolds beneath the big sky over a dramatic and unforgiving landscape.

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Bookmark Days


'I've been driving the ute and the tractor since I was eleven. I get to sleep under the stars, help lambs into the world and ride my horse whenever I want.'

Avril Stanton lives in the country and thrives on it. But she has never been in love - until she meets Nathaniel, the boy from the farm next door. Avril's family and Nathaniel's family have been feuding for two generations and aren't about to stop now. Will it be a Romeo-and-Juliet-style tragedy or will a thunderstorm, a car accident and a couple of conniving grandmothers be able to solve her dilemma?

Read about author Scot Gardner's life growing up in the country.

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Winter of Grace


At a peace rally, Bridie and Stella rescue a cute Christian boy. He introduces Bridie to a whole world she never knew existed.

The girls' friendship has survived Stella changing schools, both girls being interested in the same boy, and so much more. But what will happen when Bridie's new interests and ideas collide with Stella's?

Another true-to-life story from the author of Always Mackenzie.

Read about how the story of Winter of Grace came about

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Holly Holley hates her name, her appearance and her life. She isn't in with the right crowd and she has no chance of dating the gorgeous Raph McDonald. Then her aunt and cousin land on her doorstep. Even worse, her cousin Cass has cerebral palsy. To Holly it feels like another burden she must bear, but that doesn't mean she has to be happy about it. When Holly has to move out of her bedroom into the tiny smelly spare room, she feels her life couldn't be more unfair. Until Demi, the coolest girl in school, takes a shine to her. Before long Holly learns that appearances can be deceptive and friendship can blossom in unexpected places...

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The Sweet Life


Janey couldn't wait to see her friends' faces. Imagine, she thought. I have a stalker. Like I'm some kind of A-list celeb or something.

Sixteen-year-old Janey is all alone in the world apart from her trio of best friends . until she discovers a mysterious letter that leads her to long-lost family, thousands of miles away in Italy.

So she heads off on a Roman holiday with a suitcase full of glam outfits courtesy of her fashion-addict bestie, Ness, and a list of must-see locations from her film-buff buddy, Em. It should be a time of sun, food, shopping and cute guys - but there's someone shadowing every step she takes.

Living the sweet life can be a dangerous thing...

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Step Up and Dance cover


When Saph receives a Valentine's Day card from the man of her dreams, she can't believe her luck. Already she's doing what she loves - dancing in a cheerleading squad for a professional basketball team. But Saph's luck runs out when she realises the Valentine's Day card was a hoax. Soon she discovers who really sent the card. That's when the games begin. . .

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Not Quite Perfect Boyfriend cover


Midge has never had a boyfriend - so she makes one up. Soon Midge's white lie turns into a web of deceit as she fabricates emails from her imaginary boyfriend, and even a MySpace page. Then one day, Midge comes face-to-face with her imaginary boyfriend in the school corridor. Tall, brown wavy hair, English accent - he's exactly as she'd described him -right down to his name. Ben catches on quickly and rescues her from certain humiliation - kissing her in front of all her friends. He seems the answer to her prayers. A dream come true. The Perfect Boyfriend! But he turns out to be not quite perfect after all, and before long Midge finds herself in all sorts of trouble.

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Always Mackenzie


'I solemnly swear that I will never, ever be friends with Mackenzie Woodrow or hold hands with her or cry on her shoulder, as long as we both shall live.' said Jem.

Jem is a nerd, smart and forthright. Mackenzie is a golden girl, excelling at schoolwork, sport and drama, and popular with everyone. One night, at the Year 10 camp, Jem and Mackenzie strike up an unlikely friendship and are soon spending all their time together. But when camp ends, can Mackenzie and Jem maintain their bond at school, with all its unspoken rules, fierce cliques and easy misunderstandings?

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She's With the Band


When Mia Mannix moves from her conservative Victorian boarding school to the bright lights of Sydney's Silver Street High, the last thing she expects is to end up in a rock band with the school's biggest bitch, Lexie, and Sebastian, a guy who digs other guys. Now their wildly unpopular band Fire Fire! is competing in a national band comp against Mia's Number One Untouchable Crush, Justin James, the ridiculously hot lead singer from rival boys' school band The Alaska Family. Throw into the mix a father who's obsessed with her studying Art, a quick-witted photographer who might be cute if he wasn't always going on about his model Swedish girlfriend, plus the fact that everyone seems to be making out with guys and planning their future except Mia, and life has never been this tough. Or this interesting.

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The Indigo Girls


Zara's an alpha - the first letter of the Greek alphabet. She's popular. I'm more like one of the obscure letters in the middle that no one's ever heard of - an omicron or something.

Zara, Tilly and Mieke go to different schools and live in different social worlds. But for two weeks every summer they're the Indigo Girls - surfing, bushwalking, or just hanging out at the campground or the nearby resort. This year Mieke doesn't show up, and Zara and Tilly - the queen bee and the geek - are left circling each other, unsure how to relate without Mieke in the middle. Soon it becomes a summer of change and a summer of secrets; a summer for losing themselves but finding each other.

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Want to spend your holidays surfing like Tilly and Zara? Check out an extract from the how-to book Surf's Up.


My Life and Other Catastrophes


Ever get the feeling your life would qualify for National Disaster Relief? Say hello to Erin Costello. Erin's pretty much your average teenage girl ... except that her mother has all the maternal instincts of a black widow spider, and her dad is out of work and completely clueless. That's probably why they're divorced. Not that anyone except Erin seems to care. Certainly not Erin's sucky little brother Ben, who's too busy making money, or her best friend, Rami, who is turning into a fanatical environmental activist - with the emphasis on mental. And definitely not Creepazoid - Erin's mum's new boyfriend - who may or may not be a drug-dealing pervert disguised as a mild-mannered PE teacher! It's an eventful year for Erin Costello, but is her imagination running wild?

'This is very funny stuff, and Mohr knows just how to make the most of it.’ – Nick Earls

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