Teaching Mathematics for Developing Numeracy
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Operational sense - MAB Addition

MABs or Dienes blocks are commonly used for teaching number and operations. They are perhaps the most common tool used by teachers for these concepts. The blocks are used to represent place value and the recursive nature of the base 10 number system – you get ten of a particular unit and then trade it for one of the subsequent unit (ie 10 ones are traded for 1 ten; 10 tens are traded for 1 hundred). The important aspect of teaching using this resource is that the meaning is not implicit in the blocks but rather the teaching needs to make this explicit. In some cases students do not understand the link between the blocks, the actions and the words – the merely move the blocks as directed by the teaching without making the connections with the trading and the addition process. The language used when using the blocks is also important as teaching needs to make the links between the concrete representations of the blocks, the symbolic form as recorded with the use of numbers and the language being used. The example used in this animation

Addition without trading or regrouping
Addition with trading or regrouping









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