Deborah Biancotti

Deborah Biancotti is a Sydney-based writer and reader. She lives on the historic edge of the city in a narrow, run-down house she calls 'the corridor' with her partner and several cats. Her stories have been nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award, the William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Book and the Aurealis Award. She once won the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent, but that was a long time ago. She prefers lakes to oceans, winter to summer, and tea to coffee. She loves other people's cooking and other people's cleaning. She's an animal welfare advocate. She plans to never, ever go camping again, not if she can help it.

Books by Deborah Biancotti


Published: June 2018

Six unique superheroes - and a whole heap of trouble. Action-packed Zeroes is a thrilling superhero story with danger around every corner.

Nexus: Zeroes 3

Published: November 2017

The stunning conclusion to the New York Times bestselling YA superheroes series.

Swarm: Zeroes 2

Published: October 2016

The second book in the unputdownable, action-packed Zeroes series from New York Times bestselling authors.


Published: October 2015

Introducing ZEROES - featuring six unique superheroes, one bag of stolen drug money, one bungled bank robbery and a whole heap of trouble. All adding up to one outstanding YA series by three extraordinary writers.

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