Heston Blumenthal

Entirely self-taught, Heston Blumenthal is the most progressive chef of his generation. In 2004 he won the coveted three Michelin stars in near-record time for his restaurant The Fat Duck, which has twice been voted the Best Restaurant in the World by an international panel of 500 experts. In 2006 he was awarded an OBE. He lives in Berkshire with his wife and three children.

Books by Heston Blumenthal

Historic Heston

Published: October 2014

Now available in a gorgeous smaller format, Historic Heston is the ideal coffee table book for Christmas

Historic Heston

Published: October 2013

The greatest Victorian dishes, as reinvented by Heston Blumenthal, chef and proprietor of the three-Michelin-starred The Fat Duck - presented in a gloriously lavish package.

Heston Blumenthal at Home

Published: November 2011

Everyone's favourite celebrity chef redefines home cooking for the twenty-first century.

Heston's Fantastical Feasts

Published: October 2010

A sumptuous, signed special edition of Heston's latest culinary adventures inspired by fairytales and childhood nostalgia.

Heston's Fantastical Feasts

Published: June 2010

The book of Heston Blumenthal's hugely successful TV series Feast.

The Fat Duck Cookbook

Published: December 2009

The most desirable restaurant book ever published, now in a smaller, more-easily-read edition.

In Search of Total Perfection

Published: August 2009

A single-volume edition of Heston Blumenthal's two Perfection books, in which he reinvents the kitchen classics.

Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Published: October 2008

This is not only the nearest thing to an autobiography from the world's most intriguing chef, but also a stunning, colourful and joyous work of art.

Further Adventures in Search of Perfection

Published: December 2007

Heston returns with more classic recipes.

In Search of Perfection

Published: November 2006

Acclaimed restaurateur Heston Blumenthal reinvents kitchen classics, such as Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash and Spag Bol, in his inimitable way.

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