Kerrie Eyers

KERRIE EYERS is a psychologist based at the Black Dog Institute, Sydney. Gordon Parker and Kerrie Eyers are editors of the bestselling Journeys with the Black Dog and several other books on depression.

Books by Kerrie Eyers

Overcoming Baby Blues

Published: February 2014

A practical guide to the depression suffered by many women both during pregnancy and after the baby is born, with advice on identifying the symptoms and seeking the right help, for both women and their partners.

Managing Depression Growing Older

Published: February 2012

Depression in older people is easily missed. This practical guide shows how to identify depression in an older person and provide support to enable best possible quality of life.

Tackling Depression at Work

Published: October 2010

More than 10 per cent of people in the workforce struggle with either temporary or long term depression. This accessible guide offers practical advice on issues and effective strategies for both managers and employees.

Navigating Teenage Depression

Published: October 2009

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to identifying and supporting teenagers with depression.

Mastering Bipolar Disorder

Published: July 2008

Personal stories from sufferers of bipolar disorder reveal what it's like on the inside. Their inspiring accounts and wise advice are accompanied by tips from psychiatrists for managing this difficult condition successfully.;

Journeys With the Black Dog

Published: June 2007

Autobiographical stories written by sufferers of depression open the lid on this insidious and often silent disease and chart the journey from first onset to successful management. Inspiring and insightful reading from people who know exactly what it means to bring the black dog to heel.

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