James Franco

James Franco is an actor, director, screenwriter, and artist. His film appearances include Milk, Pineapple Express, the Spider-Man trilogy, Howl, and Eat, Pray, Love. On television, he starred in the critically acclaimed series Freaks and Geeks. Franco has presented his visual art at the Clocktower Gallery in New York, and his writing has appeared in Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, and McSweeney's. He has an MFA from Brooklyn College and has studied in the creative writing MFA program at Columbia and the film MFA program at New York University.

Books by James Franco

Actors Anonymous

Published: June 2015

From acclaimed Hollywood actor/director James Franco, a dark, genre-bending work that mixes memoir and pure invention in an audacious examination of celebrity, acting and the making of fiction.

Directing Herbert White

Published: August 2014

From acclaimed Hollywood actor/director James Franco comes a brilliant new work.

Palo Alto

Published: September 2011

From acclaimed Hollywood actor/director James Franco comes a stunning work of fiction - the coming-of-age of a whole generation.

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