Armin Greder

Armin Greder was born in Switzerland. In 1971 he migrated to Australia where he worked as a graphic designer and later taught design and illustration at a tertiary art institution. Picture books illustrated by him include The Great Bear, An Ordinary Day and I Am Thomas as well as The Island and The City, in which he is also the author. His work, in which charcoal is prominent, reflects his European background. He is the recipient of a number of international recognitions such as the Bologna Ragazzi Award and he has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.

Books by Armin Greder

Australia to Z

Published: January 2016

Juxtaposing words and images, the multi-award-winning author of The Island shines an uncompromising light on what it is to be Australian.

I Am Thomas

Published: May 2011

An inspiring, thought-provoking picture book about finding your way in the world, from the award-winning creators of The Great Bear and An Ordinary Day.

The City

Published: May 2010

Following on from the success of The Island, Armin Greder offers young readers and adults, a contemporary mother-and-son fable. Powerful and compelling.

The Island

Published: August 2007

Absolutely the story of our time - an amazing and powerful picture book. Winner of several international awards and available for the first time in English.
'One of my ten favourite picture books of all time.' - John Marsden

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