Lynne Kelly

Dr Lynne Kelly is a science writer and an Honorary Research Associate at La Trobe University.

Books by Lynne Kelly

The Memory Code

Published: July 2016

Lynne Kelly has discovered that a powerful memory technique used by the ancients can unlock the secrets of the Neolithic stone circles of Britain and Europe, the ancient Pueblo buildings in New Mexico and other prehistoric stone monuments across the world. We can still use the memory code today to train our own memories.


Published: February 2009

An introduction to the hairy, but not so scary, creatures that share our homes and gardens, and a personal account of overcoming arachnophobia and how any arachnophobe can do the same.

The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal

Published: June 2004

A rational explanation of 27 paranormal phenomena - from walking over hot coals to spontaneous combustion - that appear to defy the laws of science.

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