Joel Levy

Joel Levy is a writer and journalist specialising in history and science. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Newton's Notebook, Great Scientists, Mad Science and The Doomsday Book. He has also written features and articles for the national press, and has appeared on national television and numerous local and national radio shows. A long-term student of the history of science and medicine, Joel has a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MA in Psychology.


Books by Joel Levy


Published: January 2021

Case studies of 14 major incidents unravel the science, politics and cultural significance of nuclear power.

Instant Engineering

Published: June 2020

Perfect for the knowledge hungry and time poor, this collection of graphic-led lessons makes engineering interesting and accessible. Everything you need to know - and more - is here.

From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Published: October 2019

The iconic futurist artist and designer Syd Mead once described science fiction as 'reality ahead of schedule'. In From Science Fiction to Science Fact, Levy explores the visions of the writers, futurists and far-sighted inventors who made those realities.

Gothic Science

Published: September 2019

Reveals the unorthodox and groundbreaking science that inspired Mary Shelley and how her terrible creation sparked scientific debate on the power of technology. Offers a fascinating insight into the Gothic creativity and genius of the age.


Published: December 2018

An in-depth biography of the man behind the famous scientist, revealing his unique perspective on the world, as well as contextualizing his intellectual achievements. Illustrated throughout with photographs of Hawking and documents showing his scientific research.

Mathematics - A Curious History

Published: March 2018

Puts maths firmly in a 'real world' context, in which you can see how philosophers and mathematicians were attempting to solve everyday problems and mysteries.

Fifty Weapons That Changed the Course of History

Published: September 2014

Fifty Weapons that Changed the Course of History is a fascinating and beautifully presented guide to the arms and armaments that have had the greatest impact on the development of human civilization.

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