Peter Rees

Peter Rees has been a journalist for forty years, working as federal political correspondent for the Melbourne Sun, the West Australian and the Sunday Telegraph. He is the author of The Boy from Boree Creek: The Tim Fischer Story (2001), Tim Fischer's Outback Heroes (2002), Killing Juanita: A true story of murder and corruption (2004), which was a winner of the 2004 Ned Kelly Award for Australian crime writing, Desert Boys and Lancaster Men (2013). He lives in Canberra.

Books by Peter Rees

The Missing Man

Published: June 2018

He was our first Aboriginal fighter pilot, he flew multiple sorties during Australia's World War II Pacific campaign, and he should have had a world of opportunity ahead of him at the war's end, but Len Waters became the missing man in the country's wartime flying history.

The Anzac Girls

Published: March 2016

The harrowing, dramatic and profoundly moving story of the Australian and New Zealand nurses who served in the Great War. Now a major six-part television series.

Bearing Witness

Published: March 2015

A full biography of the man known as CEW Bean - war correspondent and official historian of World War I - that for the first time captures and portrays the essence of the man, his work, his influence on Australian history, and how Australians have seen themselves in the century since the Great War.

Lancaster Men

Published: February 2015

The extraordinary story of the Aussie men of Bomber Command in the air and on the ground.

Lancaster Men

Published: April 2013

The extraordinary story of the Aussie men of Bomber Command in the air and on the ground.

Desert Boys

Published: August 2012

Australians fought in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East in both World Wars. This is the very human story of those soldiers, sailors and airmen and their involvement in some of the toughest campaigns of modern times, and their life away from the battlefield.

Killing Juanita

Published: February 2004

On 4 July 1975, Juanita Nielsen, a wealthy heiress, Sydney newspaper publisher and anti-development campaigner left an appointment at a Kings Cross nightclub and simply disappeared. For a quarter of a century, the Juanita Nielsen case has remained one of Australia's great unsolved mysteries.

Tim Fischer's Outback Heroes

Published: August 2003

Tim Fischer and Peter Rees tell the tales of some real outback heroes, their communities and their success in bouncing back from hardship to success. Full of canny thinking, hard work and a refusal to give up, these truly inspiring stories come from every corner of Australia.

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