Craig Smith

Craig Smith's warm, exuberant illustrations have delighted children for over thirty years. Craig has several award-winners to his credit and his titles appear regularly on Children's Choice Award shortlists. Finding humour in domestic, family and school situations, and a fondness for unusual perspectives and energetic characterization are features of his work. His best known titles include the classics Whistle Up the Chimney (winner of a NSW Premier's literary award), Dreadful David, Where's Mum? and Billy the Punk. His lively black and white work features in Bob the Builder and the Elves and the popular series Cabbage Patch, I Hate Fridays and Toocool.

Books by Craig Smith

The Unforgettable What's His Name

Published: November 2016

Now you see him, now you don't - an action-packed adventure about a boy who just wants to blend in, from a bestselling author/illustrator team.

Remarkably Rexy

Published: September 2015

Rexy is king of the block.until another cat takes his place. A delightful picture book, with hilariously energetic illustrations of cats!

I Was Only Nineteen

Published: March 2014

A powerful and moving picture book about the Vietnam War based on the unforgettable song.

Where Are You, Banana?

Published: July 2013

Roddy's dog, Banana, has disappeared! But when Roddy hears a wail from the drain, he finds an ingenious way to rescue his beloved pet.

Heather Fell in the Water

Published: September 2012

A hilarious story about a little girl who is afraid of the water, but ultimately makes friends with it - and learns to swim.

The Boy who built the boat

Published: February 2009

This gorgeous picture book about making things with tools is a delight to read aloud and perfect for dads and sons to share.

Hush Baby Hush

Published: September 2008

One of a set of four bright and friendly board books perfect for baby hands.

The Big Ball of String

Published: January 2007

A rhythmic, triumphant and immensely satisfying story about a boy playing soccer with a big ball of string - delightfully illustrated by Craig Smith.

Little Jingle says No!

Published: November 2006

All the Jingles are thinking of names for the new baby, but little Jingle is not co-operating. A brilliant picture book for reading aloud, learning the alphabet and preparing for a new addition to the family.

The boy who built the boat

Published: May 2006

With a quintessential Australian coastal setting, The Boy Who Built the Boat combines warmly observed detail with a joyful read-aloud text that celebrates the power of a child's imagination.

It's True! Hauntings happen and ghosts get grumpy (17)

Published: January 2006

The full bottle on premonitions and poltergeists, psychic detectives and the Bermuda Triangle, and including instructions for holding your own fork-bending party, this is the seventeenth title in the amazing It's True! non-fiction series.

The Big Ball of String

Published: October 2004

A rhythmic, triumphant and immensely satisfying story about a boy playing soccer with a big ball of string - delightfully illustrated by Craig Smith.

It's True! There ARE bugs in your bed (4)

Published: May 2004

Psst! It's true! This is the best book on bugs you'll ever read. Bloodsucking vampires, deadly dust-dwellers, toilet terrors and things that squish, squirm and slime. Did you have any idea you were sharing your house - and maybe your bed - with monsters?

Lies, Flies and Strange Big Fish

Published: October 2000

Cheeky, impossible, hilarious, this collection of tall stories, poems and dodgy tales is an irresistible introduction to the great Aussie tradition of yarn spinning.

Waltzing Matilda meets Lazy Jack

Published: June 2000

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