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David Suzuki is an acclaimed geneticist and environmentalist, the founder and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, and the author of 43 books. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. David was born in Vancouver, BC in 1936. During World War II, at the age of six, he was interned with his family in a camp in BC. After the war, he went to high school in London, Ontario. He graduated with Honours from Amherst College in 1958 and went on to earn his PhD in Zoology from the University of Chicago in 1961. David Suzuki is recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. He lives with his wife, Dr. Tara Cullis, and two daughters in Vancouver.

Listen to David on ABC Radio National's The Book Show discussing the books that inspired his love of nature

David T. Suzuki PhD, Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster.

David has received consistently high acclaim for his 30 years of award-winning work in broadcasting, explaining the complexities of science in a compelling, easily understood way. He is well known to millions as the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's popular science television series, The Nature of Things.

His eight part series, A Planet for the Taking won an award from the United Nations. His eight-part PBS series The Secret of Life was praised internationally, as was his five-part series The Brain for the Discovery Channel.

An internationally respected geneticist, David was a full Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver from 1969 until his retirement in 2001. He is professor emeritus with UBC's Sustainable Development Research Institute. From 1969 to 1972 he was the recipient of the prestigious E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship Award for the Outstanding Canadian Research Scientist Under the Age of 35.

He has received numerous awards including the Roger Tory Peterson Award from Harvard University. He is a Companion of the Order of Canada, and a member of the Order of British Columbia. He has received 18 honorary doctorates - 12 from Canada, four from the United States and two from Australia. First Nations people have honoured him with six names, formal adoption by two tribes, and made him an honorary member of the Dehcho First Nations.

Books by David Suzuki

The Legacy

Published: December 2013

This book provides a unique insight into the knowledge and wisdom David Suzuki has acquired over the years, and points to his legacy for generations to come.

Everything Under the Sun

Published: June 2012

Renowned author, broadcaster and environmentalist explore the countless challenges facing the world and their interconnected causes.

The Declaration of Interdependence

Published: October 2010

Calling all people to become stewards of the earth, this exquisite edition of the Declarationis a heartfelt plea for the planet's preservation.

The Legacy

Published: October 2010

This book provides a unique insight into the knowledge and wisdom David Suzuki has acquired over the years, and points to his legacy for generations to come.

The Big Picture

Published: February 2010

The world's leading environmentalist delivers an urgent assessment of the planet's state and offers science-based solutions.

Suzuki's Green Guide

Published: March 2009

The undisputed planet-sustainability expert shows how we can be greener in the way we live in our homes, the way we travel, the food we eat, and the things we buy.

The Sacred Balance

Published: February 2008

This special 10th anniversary edition of the David Suzuki classic, re-examines our place in the natural world in light of sweeping environmental changes and recent advances in scientific knowledge.

David Suzuki

Published: July 2006

New autobiography of distinguished scientist, environmentalist and bestselling author, David Suzuki

David Suzuki

Published: July 2006

New autobiography of distinguished scientist, environmentalist and bestselling author, David Suzuki


Published: February 2005

In this clear, concise, and captivating book, renowned scientist, environmentalist and bestselling author David Suzuki tells the life story of a stately tree on the Pacific coast of North America.

Naked Ape to Superspecies

Published: September 2004

David Suzuki takes an unflinching look at the impact of the superspecies' on our environment. Updated and revised edition.;

A David Suzuki Collection

Published: November 2003

Drawing from David Suzuki s published and unpublished writings, this collection reveals the passions and philosophies that have informed the work of one of the world s leading environmentalists for over four decades.

Good News for a Change

Published: November 2003

David Suzuki cuts through the gloom surrounding the current state of the world s natural resources, and draws attention to the numerous positive instances where private companies, communities and individual citizens are making a real difference to the environment.

Salmon Forest

Published: October 2003

David Suzuki s first full-colour picture book for children tells the story of a girl and her father exploring along a river and discovering the connections between river, ocean, salmon, bear and forest, and the interdependence of all things on Earth.

The Sacred Balance

Published: March 2003

Based on David Suzuki and Amanda McConnell's best-selling The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature, this photographic feast celebrates the miracle of life, and the accompanying text presents David Suzuki's bold and inspiring view of the human place on Earth, drawn from his life as a scientist, environmentalist, writer, and thinker.

When the Wild Comes Leaping Up

Published: November 2002

A powerful collection of essays on personal experiences with nature edited by David Suzuki, and including contributions from some of the world's finest writers, including Australia's Robert Drewe and Richard Flanagan.


Published: February 2002

An activity book of great projects, games and experiments for a greener Earth. ;

Good News for a Change

Published: February 2002

The good news about the difference that citizens and private companies can and are making in sustaining our environment by award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki.

You are the earth

Published: February 2000

'You Are the Earth' explains the delicate balance of life on Earth - a fun and fascinating book for children from acclaimed broadcaster and director David Suzuki.;

Naked Ape to Superspecies

Published: December 1999

With breathtaking speed, our species has undergone fundamental changes this century. As we enter the new millennium David Suzuki takes stock of the impact of these changes on our environment.

The Sacred Balance

Published: January 1999

This bestselling, richly provocative and profoundly thoughtful book is world-renowned environmentalist David Suzuki's 'bottom line' for a sustainable future for life on Earth.

Earth Time

Published: December 1998

Are we going too fast to stop? Is there another way? A new collection of essays from the bestselling author and environmentalist David Suzuki.

The Japan We Never Knew

Published: November 1997

David Suzuki and Keibo Oiwa's reflections on their travels through Japan revealing its people, their ideas and their values in a new light and showing a side of Japan we never knew.

Wisdom of the Elders

Published: November 1997

A reissue of David Suzuki and Peter Knudtson's volume exploring the relationships between humans, nature and the environment from the perspectives of both Western science and the age-old wisdom of indigenous peoples around the world.

Backyard Time Detectives

Published: February 1996

The Backyard Time Detectives is the third adventure story in the Nature All Around series. Nature in the Home and If We Could See the Air invite young readers to join Jamey and Megan in their discovery of the natural world surrounding them.

If We Could See the Air

Published: March 1995

Cracking the Code

Published: August 1994

Time to Change

Published: May 1994

The 1990s are not only a time of change; they are also a time when we must change. The signs are everywhere.;In the essays Time to Change, David Suzuki first calls our attention to the signs and then considers the realms of science, politics and economics to find the source of our problems and also the ground on which we can - and cannot - place our hope for the future.;

Nature in the Home

Published: October 1993

Nature in the Home is the first in the Nature All Around series, which invites young readers to join Jamey and Megan in their discovery of the natural world surrounding them.

Connections (Bk & Cass Pack)

Published: May 1992

It's a Matter of Survival

Published: November 1990

This is a call to action. No longer can we afford the luxury of avoiding reality: much of the planet is dying, and we are, all of us, the cause.

Inventing the Future

Published: March 1990

Looking at the Environment

Published: November 1989

Looking at the Senses

Published: March 1989

Looking at Plants

Published: March 1989

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