Graham Seal

Graham Seal is Professor of Folklore at Curtin University, and a leading expert on Australian cultural history. He is author of the bestselling Great Australian Stories.

Books by Graham Seal

Australia's Funniest Yarns

Published: December 2019

Whatever the circumstances, Australians have always found something to laugh about, laugh at or laugh off. Graham Seal has been gathering traditional stories from country towns and the outback for decades, and here he compiles the very funniest stories he has encountered.

Great Convict Stories

Published: January 2019

Graham Seal brings to life the brutal Australian convict transportation system with stories of notorious criminals, colourful characters, and harsh punishments. There were also happy endings for the men and women for whom transportation was an opportunity to start afresh in a new land.

Great Bush Stories

Published: October 2018

Tales from life on the land and outback adventures continue to intrigue, puzzle and entertain us. This collection is Graham Seal at his best.

Great Australian Journeys

Published: January 2018

A fascinating collection of some of Australia's most dramatic journeys from the 19th and early 20th century: epics of exploration, survival and tragedy, stories of mystery and romance, and of discovery and loss.

Larrikins, Bush Tales and Other Great Australian Stories

Published: January 2016

From one of our master storytellers, author of the bestselling Great Australian Stories, comes another collection of yarns, tall tales, bush legends and colourful characters. Taking us from the deep outback to the glistening sea, they go to the heart of what makes us distinctively Australian.

The Savage Shore

Published: June 2015

Remarkable stories from the dangerous early voyages to Australia - long before Captain Cook claimed it for the English - reveal a very different history than the triumphal British version we learnt at school.

Great Anzac Stories

Published: March 2015

Stories of heroism, suffering and endurance - and also humour - from the main wars in which Australians have fought.

Great Australian Stories

Published: December 2011

From pioneer tales to urban myths, folklore expert Graham Seal has gathered some of the best Australian stories from around the country. Tall tales and true, these are the stories we tell ourselves over and over again.

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