Greg Sheridan

Greg Sheridan is Foreign Editor of The Australian, and a highly regarded journalist. He is active across radio and television, as well as print.

Books by Greg Sheridan

When We Were Young and Foolish

Published: August 2015

An extraordinary look at the formative years of some of our most prominent and influential politicians.

Cities of the Hot Zone

Published: November 2003

With great warmth and insight, Greg Sheridan takes us on a very personal journey to six Asian cities that have intrigued, surprised, repelled and charmed him.

Asian Values, Western Dreams

Published: October 1999

The most ambitious examination yet of the cultural relationship between Asia and the West.


Published: April 1997

A top Australian journalist presents a hitherto unavailable picture of the people who matter to Australia's Asian destiny

Living With Dragons

Published: May 1995

This book outlines the issues in Australia's embrace of Asia, proposes courses of policy in the most important areas and reflects on the underlying issues of culture and identity which are caught up in this process.

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