Mitch Vane

Mitch Vane works in a variety of mediums but her favourite is a good old-fashioned messy dip pen and Indian ink. She often collaborates with partner and Age writer Danny Katz & they are best known for the YABBA Award winning Little Lunch series. Mitch has created many other children's books, including Danny Best: Full On by Jen Storer, The Patch by Justina Chen Headly, Bed Tails by Meredith Costain (Penguin) and many books in the Aussie Nibbles series. 

Books by Mitch Vane

Our Last Trip to the Market

Published: March 2017

A glorious exploration of family and fun - for everyone who has ever taken a mob of unruly kids to a crowded place!

It's True! Your cat could be a spy (15)

Published: January 2006

Famous episodes of courage and cunning through the ages, spycraft and spy gadgets. Discover the top-secret world of secret agents, from the Ancient Romans to the Cold War and beyond. This is the fifteenth book in the fantastic non-fiction series, It's True!

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