New Selected Poems of Tom Paulin

Tom Paulin

AUD $24.99

A brilliantly varied and utterly compelling new selection from Tom Paulin, one of the defining voices of his generation.

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The Secret Life of Sleep

Kat Duff

AUD $19.99

An enchanting exploration and celebration of the most universal and mysterious of human experiences

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The History of Sportswear

Christian Blanken

AUD $50.00

The first highly-illustrated history of sportswear featuring the work of key influential designers including Chanel, Mainbocher and Alexander Wang.

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The Grid

Gretchen Bakke

AUD $29.99

A surprising, entertaining look at our national power grid--how it developed, its current flaws, and possibilities for the future of power distribution in the US.

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And the Sun Shines Now

Adrian Tempany

AUD $35.00

The story of how modern football has changed from being the people's game to an elite multi-million pound business, and of what it has lost in the process.

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Bipolar Disorder

Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders

AUD $29.99

Updated edition of one of the most respected introductions to Bipolar Disorder

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Bliss House

Laura Benedict

AUD $19.99

A haunting tale of loss, love - and the secrets our houses can keep.

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Gone are the Leaves

Anne Donovan

The new novel by Anne Donovan, the Orange Prize-shortlisted author of Buddha Da

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How to Talk About Places You've Never Been

Pierre Bayard

AUD $29.99

A lively and stimulating exploration of place and travel and the place of travel in our lives by the author of the controversial bestseller, How to Talk about Books You Haven't Read

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