Two Worlds and Their Ways

Ivy Compton-Burnett

AUD $32.99

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The Quirks and the Freaky Field Trip

Erin Soderberg

AUD $18.99

In the fourth book of the fully-illustrated Quirks series, the family gets a visit from their Uncle Cork around Halloween, and he's got a few tricks of his own to show off.

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Joshua Glenn, Elizabeth Foy Larsen illustrated by Tony Leone

AUD $22.99

The best activities from the bestselling Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun-only the most awesome stuff, in a just-for-kids edition of the family favorite

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The Big Bad Mood

Tom Jamieson, illustrated by Olga Demidova

AUD $14.99

I WON'T ... I CAN'T ... I DON'T WANT TO!! A wonderfully tantrum-y tale about being Big and Bad and MOODY

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Birds of Mongolia

Sundev Gambotaater Axel Braunlich

AUD $60.00

The first ever guide to the birds of Mongolia.

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Birds new to science

David Brewer

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $79.99

The story of the discovery of 250 bird species new to science since 1960

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The Messenger

Shiv Malik

Format: Paperback

AUD $29.99

A true-life thriller with enough twists and turns, deception and betrayal to satisfy any Homeland fan.

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Love, Fred Astaire

Jo-Ann Mapson

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $34.99

A cache of love letters reveals secrets that force two sisters to question everything about their past in this page-turning new novel by the author of Solomon's Oak and Finding Casey.

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A Good Country

Laleh Khadivi

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $32.99

A timely novel about the radicalization of a Muslim teen in California--about where identity truly lies, and how we find it.

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The Journals of Mavis Gallant: 1952-1968

Mavis Gallant

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $63.99

The fascinating, never-before-published diaries of short-story master and literary figurehead Mavis Gallant

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