The Archaeologist's Field Handbook

Heather Burke, Michael Morrison and Claire Smith

AUD $69.99

The complete manual to archaeological field work in Australia, fully revised to incorporate digital techniques and new methods. With step-by-step guidelines, it is an essential companion for consultants, amateur heritage researchers and students.

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Rosetta Stone

John Ray

AUD $39.95

The Rosetta Stone is the single most important object in the decoding of ancient Egypt.

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Face of Tutankhamun

Christopher Frayling

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The Archaeologist's Field Handbook

Heather Burke and Claire Smith

AUD $55.00

The complete guide to practical fieldwork in Australia today. A step-by-step, illustrated guide for students and professionals at all levels. Indispensable.

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Rosetta Stone

Robert Sole & Dominique Valbelle

Format: Paperback

AUD $24.95

The fascinating story of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone by Napoleon's army and of the decoding of Egyptian hieroglyphics, to which it offered the key.

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Visions from the Past

M.J. Morwood

AUD $49.99

Aboriginal rock art: a vast gallery, the work of 1500 generations. ;The island continent of Australia contains the largest continuous record of human artistic expression in history. Here is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive introduction to this ancient art and its archaeology from Mike Morwood, an experienced and respected authority.

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Prehistory of Australia

Johan Kamminga

AUD $59.99

A superb synthesis of human prehistory, across a continent and 400 centuries

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Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia

Edited by Tim Murray

AUD $45.00

Presents an overview of the key issues in contemporary Australian archaeology

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