Economics in 100 Quotes

Daniel Smith
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The story of economics through 100 wonderful quotes.

In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.
-Benjamin Franklin (1789)

Benjamin Franklin's famous quip sums up how many people feel about taxes, but when it comes to economics there are various theories. A great introduction to this subject is to study and understand quotations from some of the greatest economic analysts in history, where even a short sentence can unlock a whole new viewpoint.

Economics in 100 Quotes is a compendium of thoughts from the past two millennia, brought together in the words of economists, politicians and philosophers. These are quotes that will inform, inspire and entertain. Accompanying commentary explores their meaning and reveals the life and work of the people who said them.

Author bio:

Daniel Smith is a writer, editor, and researcher of non-fiction. His previous books include How to Think Like Steve Jobs, Go Figure, How to Think Like Sherlock, Is Their Alot Wrong With This Centence?, The Language of London, and Think You Know it All? Daniel is also a long-time contributor to The Statesman's Yearbook, an annual geopolitical guide to the countries of the world.

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Pub Date: February 2019
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