How the Science of Complex Systems is Transforming Economic Thought

David Orrell
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Debunks the myths of mainstream economics and the free market with mathematical rigour.

Economics has for decades claimed that the economy is a rational, stable, efficient machine, governed by well-understood laws. Mathematician David Orrell traces the history of this idea from ancient Greece to the financial centres of London and New York, showing exactly how it is mistaken - and then brilliantly illustrates how new ideas in mathematics, psychology, and environmentalism are helping to reinvent economics for the 21st century.

Author bio:

David Orrell is an applied mathematician and popular science writer. His work in applied mathematics and complex systems research has since led him to diverse areas such as weather forecasting, economics, and cancer biology. His work has been featured in the New Scientist, the Financial Times and on BBC Radio. He is also the author of Introducing Economics - A Graphic Guide (Icon, 2011).

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ISBN: 9781848312197
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Pub Date: April 2012
Page Extent: 320
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