Dimensions of Adult Learning

Adult education and training in a global era

Edited by Griff Foley
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A comprehensive introduction to adult education and vocational training from leading international educators.

Adult education has never been more important or urgent than it is today Few educators have had the impact on adult education of Griff Foley.
Professor Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles

This timely and valuable book makes an important contribution to our understanding of key recent developments in adult education and their significance. Reflecting the increasingly global nature of scholarship in the field, well-respected international contributors analyse issues facing practitioners today, and consider how these can be most positively embraced to further the international cause of adult learning and social justice.
Janet Hannah, University of Nottingham

Learning is central to all aspects of human life, and failure to learn brings dire consequences. As our world becomes more integrated and complex, adult learning has become more important.

Dimensions of Adult Learning offers a broad overview of adult learning in the workplace and community. Written by a team of international experts, it introduces the core skills and knowledge which underpin effective practice. It examines adult education policy and research, and highlights the social nature of adult learning. It also examines adult learning in different contexts: on-line learning, problem-based learning, organisational and vocational learning.

Dimensions of Adult Learning is an essential reference for professionals and students.

Griff Foley is Research Associate in Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. He is author of Learning in Social Action and Strategic Learning.

Author bio:

Griff Foley is Associate Professor in Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. He is author of Learning in Social Action (Zed, 1999).

Category: Education
ISBN: 9781741142822
Table Of Contents: Part 1: Our Approach

1. Introduction: The state of adult education and learning

Griff Foley (University of Technology, Sydney)

2. The new professional education

Andrew Gonczi (University of Technology, Sydney) and Deborah Osberg (Open University UK)

Part 2: Core Skills and Knowledge

3. Understanding adult learners

- Tara Fenwick (University of Alberta, Canada) and Mark Tennant (University of Technology, Sydney)

4. Teaching adults

- Griff Foley, Linda Leach (Massey University, NZ), Tom Nesbit (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

5. Program development and evaluation

- Michael Newman (University of Technology, Sydney) and Tom Sork (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Part 3: Social Context, Policy, Research

6. Economics, politics and adult education

- Shirley Walters (University of Western Cape, South Africa), Peter Mayo and Carmel Borg (both University of Malta), Griff Foley

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Pub Date: March 2004
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