Teaching Middle Years

Rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

Edited by Donna Pendergast and Nan Bahr
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A comprehensive introduction to the rapidly growing area of middle schooling, for teachers, teacher education students and school administrators.

The middle years of schooling are increasingly recognised as a crucial stage in students' lives, one that has significant consequences for ongoing educational success. International research indicates that young adolescents benefit from programs designed especially for their needs, and the middle years have become an important reform issue for education systems.

Teaching Middle Years offers a systematic overview of the philosophy, principles and issues in middle schooling. It includes contributions from academics and school-based practitioners on intellectual and emotional development in early adolescence, pedagogy, curriculum and assessment of middle years students.

Written for teachers, student teachers, education leaders and policy makers, Teaching Middle Years is an essential resource for anyone involved in educating young adolescents.

'Teaching Middle Years is the first comprehensive Australian book to match and surpass the quality of many overseas publications.'

Professor Robert Hardingham, former President of the Middle Years of Schooling Association

Author bio:

Dr Donna Pendergast is Program Director of Middle Schooling and Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Queensland. Dr Nan Bahr is Director of Teacher Education at the University of Queensland.

Category: Education
ISBN: 9781741146738
Table Of Contents: Section One: The middle years as a site for educational reform

1. The emergence of middle schooling - Donna Pendergast

2. The philosophy of middle schooling - Rod Chadbourne + Donna Pendergast

3. The middle years learner - Nan Bahr

4. Understanding the adolescent brain - Michael C. Nagel

5. Producing resilient middle school students - Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Nan Bahr + Donna Pendergast

6. Researching the middle years - Katherine Main + Fiona Bryer

Section Two: Curriculum practices for the middle years

7. Literacies and Multiliteracies - Rod Maclean

8. Numeracy - Shelley Dole

9. Bodies and minds - Lisa Hunter + Doune Macdonald

10. Integrating the middle years curriculum - John Wallace, Grady Venville + Leonie J. Rennie

11. Negotiating curriculum - Lisa Hunter + Nicola Park

Section Three: Pedagogical practices for the middle years

12. Learning collaboratively - Raymond Brown

13. High
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: September 2005
Page Extent: 368
Format: Book
Subject: Education

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