Eliminating preventable harm and tragedy in the NHS

Jeremy Hunt
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Could this be our 1948 moment?

Mistakes happen. In most fields the consequences are limited, but in healthcare they can be fatal. Every week in England, there are 150 avoidable deaths. Most tragedies are treated as 'inevitable' when in fact they could be prevented simply and cheaply if we were better at learning from mistakes.

By committing to a profession where the consequences of a mistake can be 
life or death, people in healthcare are braver than most of us. The problem is that the system that 'goes after' someone when something goes wrong, and the result is a blame game that stops learning and allows the same mistake to be repeated, often countless times.

Zero is a book about how the NHS can reduce the number of avoidable deaths 
to zero, and in the process save money, reduce backlogs and improve working conditions. Delivering the safest, highest quality care in the NHS post-pandemic is our very own 1948 moment.

Author bio:

Jeremy Hunt was elected Conservative MP for South West Surrey in 2005. He was Secretary of State for Health between September 2012 and July 2018, the longest serving Health Secretary in history, and has been Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee since January 2020. Jeremy Hunt lives in Godalming and London with his wife, son and two daughters.

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ISBN: 9781800751224
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Pub Date: August 2022
Page Extent: 320
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