Foucault and Queer Theory

Tamsin Spargo
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Michel Foucault is the most gossiped-about celebrity of modern French theory. The homophobic insult 'queer' is now proudly reclaimed by some who once called themselves lesbian or gay. What is the connection between the two? This is a postmodern encounter between Foucault's theories of sexuality, power and discourse and the current key exponents of queer thinking who have adopted, revised and criticised Foucault. Our understanding of gender, identity, sexuality and cultural politics will be radically altered in this meeting of transgressive figures. Foucault and Queer Theory excels as a brief introduction to Foucault's compelling ideas and the development of queer culture with its own outspoken views on heteronormativity, sado-masochism, performativity, transgender, the end of gender, liberation-versus-difference, late capitalism and the impact of AIDS on theories and practices.
Category: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781840460926
Publisher: Icon Books
Imprint: Icon
Pub Date: September 1999
Page Extent: 80
Format: Paperback - A format
Subject: Philosophy

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