Don Dunstan

The visionary politician who changed Australia

Angela Woollacott
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The first major biography of Don Dunstan, one of the few state premiers to stride the national stage and make a lasting mark on Australian life.

Don Dunstan was one of the most significant political figures of twentieth-century Australia. As Premier of South Australia, he blazed a trail of reform. But his influence reached far beyond his home state. He was seen as the architect of a new kind of Australian society, and his decade in office marked a golden age.

This is the first comprehensive biography of a larger than life figure. Angela Woollacott recounts how he battled Adelaide's conservative establishment to win office for Labor, and then pioneered Aboriginal land rights, abolished the death penalty, supported women's rights, relaxed censorship and drinking laws and decriminalised homosexuality. He worked against the White Australia Policy, and was an ardent supporter of the arts and food. Although he was much loved by the public, Dunstan's career was marked by controversy and vilification, with scandal surrounding his personal relationships.

Dunstan's life story helps us to appreciate just what a watershed era the 1960s and 1970s were in Australia, and to see how one small state could, for a time, lead a nation.

'A fitting tribute' - Penny Wong

'Whitlam and Dunstan were the Washington and Jefferson of modern Australian Labor politics.' - Mike Rann

'Angela Woollacott's biography captures what was so special about him.' - Maggie Beer

Author bio:

Angela Woollacott is the Manning Clark Professor of History at the Australian National University and an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Category: Politics & Government
ISBN: 9781760631819
Table Of Contents: Preface
Chapter 1: Fiji
Chapter 2: Schooling
Chapter 3: St Peter's and St Mark's
Chapter 4: The law, marriage and return to Fiji
Chapter 5: Member for Norwood
Chapter 6: Fighting for Aboriginal rights
Chapter 7: On the national and world stage
Chapter 8: Coming to power
Chapter 9: Labor supreme at last!
Chapter 10: Adelaide is not Canberra
Chapter 11: Bounding back
Chapter 12: The perfect storm
Chapter 13: New careers
Chapter 14: Final acts
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2019
Page Extent: 344
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Politics & government