Introducing Sociology

A Graphic Guide

Richard Osborne, illustrated by Borin van Loon
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With innovative graphics, Sociology: A Graphic Guide traces the discipline's history and explains the intricacies of its major thinkers from Comte and Marx to Baudrillard and beyond.

What is sociology? Simply, it is the study of how society functions, or in some cases, does not function. Various competing schools of sociology have attempted to fit observations of social phenomena into different conceptual systems. Sociology: A Graphic Guide traces the origins of these systems from Enlightenment thought and the pioneering work of Auguste Comte to subsequent developments through the work of Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber.

The rapid expansion of sociology in 20th century America and Britain, the post-World War II dominance of Talcott Parsons, the Chicago School and the rise of Structuralism are all brilliantly outlined in a clear, graphic form.

The book also examines the array of concepts and methods of research that have been applied to the study of society by the key analysts. It is essential reading for students of the subject and for anyone interested in understanding the functioning of society.

Author bio:

Richard Osborne is a lecturer at London Guildhall University. Borin Van Loon is a Surrealist artist and illustrator whose work ranges from oil paintings to a cut-out book on DNA. His other Introducing books include Hinduism, Darwin and Eastern Philosophy.

Category: Sociology
ISBN: 9781848310858
Edition No: 2
Publisher: Icon Books
Imprint: Icon
Pub Date: October 2009
Page Extent: 176
Format: Book
Subject: Sociology

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