Public Sociology

An introduction to Australian society

John Germov and Marilyn Poole
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The second edition of a widely used introduction to Australian sociology, designed as a flexible learning tool. It takes an applied approach, demonstrating the value of a sociological perspective on contemporary Australian life.

How can developing a sociological gaze help us understand the way we live? Public Sociology shows that our lives are not solely determined by personal choices, demonstrating how a sociological gaze allows us to see the way our private troubles are connected to public issues.

Public Sociology highlights the utility and application of sociology in professional and community life using real-world examples from Australia and across the globe. The first edition of Public Sociology established itself as a highly regarded and accessible student text. This second edition has been thoroughly updated to maintain a fresh approach, and reflects the ever-increasing importance of technology in our lives. The authors reveal how the tools of sociological training and an empirically grounded sociological perspective are essential to understanding and engaging with contemporary Australian society.

'Public Sociology 2nd edition achieves its aim to encourage reflexivity among students of sociology through its refreshing engagement with contemporary theoretical debates, its unique focus on the contribution of Australian sociologists as well as global sociologists to the field, and its commitment to a 'borderless sociology'.' - Ann Brooks, Professor of Sociology and Cultural Studies, University of Adelaide

'My students were enthusiastic about the first edition because of its clarity, accessibility and sophistication.' - Associate Professor Peter Corrigan, Sociology and Criminology, University of New England

Author bio:

JOHN GERMOV is Professor, Dean of Arts, and Deputy Head of the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle. He is the author and editor of 14 books including Second Opinion and A Sociology of Food and Nutrition. MARILYN POOLE is Honorary Associate Professor of Sociology at Deakin University. She is co-editor of Sociology: Australian connections and A Certain Age, and editor of Family: Changing families, changing times.

Category: Sociology
ISBN: 9781742371450
Edition No: 2nd
Table Of Contents: Tables and figures Preface to the second edition Acknowledgments Contributors Abbreviations Guided tour Module 1: Doing public sociology 1 The sociological gaze: Linking private lives to public issues 2 Sociological foundations: Early theorists and theories 3 Contemporary sociological theorists and theories 4 Sociological investigations: Doing social research Module 2: Social identities 5 Socialisation and the new genetics 6 Youth transitions and youth culture 7 Families and intimate relationships 8 Consumption and lifestyles 9 Sporting life 10 Hybrid identities in a globalised world Module 3: Social differences and inequalities 11 Class and inequality in Australia 12 The gender order 13 Ethnicity and belonging 14 Race and reconciliation in Australia 15 Religion and spirituality 16 Deviance, crime, and social control Module 4: Social transformations 17 The social basis of health and illness 18 Globalisation, power, and social movements 19 Global risk and the surveillance state: A sociology of new terrorism 20 Working 24/7: The new work ethic 21 Media and popular culture 22 Educating society: Sociological debates and dilemmas 23 Urbanisation, community, and rurality Module 5: Future directions 24 A sociological toolkit 25 Writing a sociology essay Glossary Index
Publisher: A&U Academic
Imprint: A&U Academic
Pub Date: January 2011
Page Extent: 560
Format: Book
Subject: Sociology

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